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Why LBH?

Why LBH?

My love of skincare started as early as second grade when I begged my mom to buy me Noxema and Sea Breeze so that I could take care of my skin just like the girls in the commercials. Fast forward to high school when I truly needed a good skincare line for my skin type and could never find it, I ended up going to the dermatologist and was put on Accutane. The esthetician in his office also gave me weekly glycolic peels which wrecked my skin. During this process I decided to go to esthetics school so that I could help people with skin like mine.

I have spent countless thousands on products searching for the best for my skin type. I have normal skin that tends to be dehydrated and breaks out due to products easily. I have researched ingredient decks for years trying to determine the ones that cause my issues. The first that I discovered was capric triglyceride. From there I discovered countless websites with comedogenic ingredient lists. The easiest way to remedy the comedogenic ingredient issue is to create a product line that does not include an ingredient over a 1-2 on the comedogenic scale. I am creating the most effective skincare line for cleansing, exfoliating, masking and hydrating without the unnecessary ingredients that either create an illusion of what the consumer wants or causing breakouts.